Multi-channel design for Diva

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Project Description


Diva Forniture consists of eight design furniture stores throughout Los Angeles and Seattle.
The Diva stores carry the best of European design firms, including Alessi, B&B Italia, Cassina, Flos, Fontana Arte, Gandia Blasco, Kartell, Maxalto and Venini.

Diva Forniture's website in 2007
Diva Forniture's website in 2007 - About page
Diva Forniture's website in 2007 - Collections page
Diva Forniture's website in 2007 - Showrooms page
Diva website in 2007


In 2005 and for the two years following, I worked as a freelance designer for Diva with a series of responsibilities:
– design and management of two monthly newsletters (Los Angeles and Seattle);
– management, updates, and changes to the company website;
– design of advertisements for the Los Angeles Times print edition;
– design of postcards and brochures for events;
The high quality and diversity of the design objects in question, together with the variety of media channels covered (email, web, print) required great care on my part throughout the various phases of work in order to consolidate brand identity over the various channels.

Some of the Diva Newsletters
Diva Postcard Venini
Diva Postcard Venini
Postcard for┬áVenini’s Birthday Event


Following intensive research of the specific market sector, through analysis of paper and digital publications, I identified some guide lines to use for communications on the various channels. Prototyping and testing of specific design solutions with some of the users led to the generation of production processes and templates to be used for the different media.

Diva multi channel - Kenzo

Diva multi channel - Cassina
Diva multi channel - B&B Italia
Multi-channel design examples


Following the initial request to design the newsletter, the company offered me the job of designing all its communications over all channels, showing appreciation for the quality of my work and for the results obtained (e.g. a 40% increase in newsletter subscribers and a 20% increase in visits to the website).

Diva ads - Gandia Blasco

Diva ads - Gandia Blasco
Diva ads - B&B Italia
Diva ads - B&B Italia
Diva ads - B&B Italia
Diva ads - B&B Italia
Diva ads - Kenzo
Diva ads - Kenzo
Diva ads - Cassina
Diva ads - Cassina
Los Angeles Times ads