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Hi, I’m Daniele, and I’m a User Experience designer for information systems.

Designing an experience around the users benefits not only the users but also the makers of an information system, which can be successful only if it satisfies both sets of needs.

After studying the movements, needs, habits, emotions, context and motivations of the users of an information system, I use iterative cycles to design and test prototypes that culminate in the design of only those functions and interactions that respond to users’ needs: I make their life easier.

I analyse the client’s identity, motivations, business objectives, competitors, and available technological infrastructure in order to understand what sort of information system will add value to the project, to existing production processes, and to the overall brand identity.

The intersection of the users’ and the client’s needs gives rise to an area in which user experience design produces measurable results: more users of the information system, for more time, with greater results, and lower costs and higher earnings for the client who gains better brand recognition and greater penetration in the target market.

My UX skills
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